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Subject :City of Livermore Enacts Conservation Rates
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Livermore, CA – The City of Livermore enacted Conservation Rates at the Stage 3 level on April 28, 2014, to help decrease water demand and ensure enough water supply through the summer. Less than 10% in water use reductions have been achieved since the City’s initial call for voluntary 20% conservation earlier this year and subsequent enactment of mandatory conservation measures on April 15. Conservation Rates were adopted at a Stage 3 level in an effort to achieve at least a 30% reduction in water use. The Conservation Rates affect all City of Livermore Municipal Water customers, both residential and commercial. Exemptions will be made for customers who consistently use very low amounts (5 units or less per month) of water.

“Customers who achieve the targeted level of water use reduction will see little or no change in their monthly bill,” says Assistant Public Works Director Darren Greenwood. “Under the rate structure, those using the most water pay considerably more.” Added Mr. Greenwood, “The entire Tri-Valley has to cut back on water use as the Tri-Valley water retailers all purchase the bulk of their water from wholesaler Zone 7 Water Agency, and Zone 7 expects to only deliver 75% of water demands.”

The City advises that the easiest way to meet conservation goals is to reduce outdoor water usage by 50% while minimizing indoor usage. Residences without outdoor irrigation are advised to cut their indoor water use as much as possible.

Mandatory conservation measures enacted on April 15 remain unchanged, and the majority of those measures restrict outdoor water use. Measures include limiting landscape irrigation to no more than twice a week, no washing of driveways, sidewalks or other paved surfaces, and washing of vehicles limited to once a month unless a commercial carwash is used. A complete list of measures is available on the City’s website at the link below. The City’s implementation focus continues to be on those using above-average amounts of water. Penalties for violation of the mandatory conservation measures also remain unchanged, beginning with an advisory notice for a first violation and escalating fines for repeat violations.

The Stage 3 Conservation Rates with examples of estimated increases for residential customers at different usage levels, a list of mandatory conservation measures, conservation tips and rebates, drought updates, and other information can be found on the City’s website at Customers are also encouraged to contact the City at the Drought Hotline at (925) 960-8180.

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