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Subject :City of Livermore Celebrates Municipal Clerk's Week
Contact :Susan Neer    925-960-4200

Livermore, CAMay 4- May 10 the City of Livermore recognizes Municipal Clerk’s Week. The City Clerk’s Office serves as the primary contact point for the public and City staff to access information, and is responsible for services vital to a well-run and transparent City. Official duties of the Office include conducting municipal elections, recording all official actions of the Council, maintaining official Council minutes, processing contracts and agreements, maintaining historical records, processing California Public Records Act requests and serving as the point of access for all information about the City. The role of the Clerk’s Office has evolved with technology to give citizens 24-7 access to public records, ensuring that information is presented in a timely and transparent manner.

 “Many people have the misconception of the City Clerk’s Office as a singular person taking minutes at Council meetings. In reality, it takes an entire office to ensure that the public is provided with complete information in a timely and accessible fashion,” said City Clerk Susan Neer.

First celebrated in 1969, Municipal Clerk’s Week is celebrated internationally to recognize the services performed by Clerk’s in serving local communities.


About the City of Livermore

Incorporated in 1876, the City of Livermore ( is the easternmost city in the San Francisco Bay Area.  With just over 83,000 residents, Livermore’s heritage is an eclectic blend of wine-making, cattle ranching and agriculture, cultural arts, and cutting edge technology.  The city’s renowned reputation in science, technology and innovation is showcased at Sandia National Laboratories and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory which has been internationally recognized for its work in discovering Element 116 on the Periodic Table – Livermorium.  The Livermore Premium Outlets on Interstate-580 and the city’s award-winning downtown provide a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities for residents and visitors alike.