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Subject :Downtown Fireworks on the 4th of July
Contact :Lt. John Hurd    925-371-4725

There will be a community fireworks display held in downtown Livermore on the 4th of July.  The Department anticipates that this event will be well attended, and wants to provide information to assist our community members in enjoying the show.

 Several roadways will be closed in the downtown core to assure the safety of community members walking in the area, and those viewing the fireworks show.  The roadway closures will begin at 6:00 pm.  First St. will be closed between Old First St and S. Livermore Avenue.  Railroad Ave. will be closed between Maple St. and South “L” St.  Maple St. will be closed between Second St. and Railroad Ave.  S. Livermore Ave. will be closed between First St. and Chestnut St.  These roadways will be closed until about midnight.  The parking garage will be closed to vehicles from 6:00 pm until about midnight.  Vehicles may park in the garage prior to 6:00 pm, but will not be able to leave the garage until about midnight.

The fireworks show will begin at 9:30 PM and last about twenty minutes.  Community members wishing to view the fireworks display are encouraged to congregate on the closed roadways of Railroad Ave. between South “I” St and South “L” St, and on Maple St. between Railroad Ave. and Second St.  These should be the prime viewing locations.  Community members can bring chairs and set them up on the closed roadways. The fireworks display will not be a high aerial show; instead it will be concentrated low level fireworks that will provide a spectacular show for those in the prime viewing locations.  Community members wanting to view the fireworks from other than the prime viewing locations, should select a location within a few blocks of the parking garage, with visibility of the top of the parking garage.

 There will likely be very congested traffic on all roadways surrounding downtown from 6:00 pm until after 10:30 pm.  Community members are encouraged to walk to the downtown area or use public transportation.  WHEELS busses will be running on the 4th of July with service to the transit center in downtown.  People not wanting to access the downtown area should use Fourth St. or Portola Ave. to travel through town, and avoid First St. and Railroad Ave.

Consumption of alcohol and possession of open containers of alcohol, in public places is not allowed in Livermore.  Please do not bring alcohol to the fireworks event.  

 All fireworks are illegal in the City of Livermore.  This includes “Safe and Sane” type fireworks that may be legal to purchase in other cities. 

The Livermore Police Department will have extra officers working on the Fourth of July, and these officers will be looking for alcohol and fireworks violations. 

This will be the first year of having a fireworks show in downtown Livermore.  With the support of the community, we hope to have a very successful, safe, and enjoyable event.