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Thank you for contacting the City of Livermore and doing your part to make our city a little bit better! Our forms are grouped by Service Request forms to report issues related to the City and Other Forms and Applications to make online payments, register, apply, or download applications.

Service Request Forms

  • Drought Hotline
    925 -960-8180
  • Graffiti Hotline
    Call-in anonymous crime tips at 925-960-8060 (messages only, leave exact location)
  • Litterbug Hotline
    925 -371-4766
  • Report Abandoned Shopping Carts
    Use this form to report abandoned shopping carts.
  • Report Landscape Maintenance
    Request or report a safety concern, such as an irrigation problem, obstructed walkway, dead or dying plant material, sight/distance problems, decorative lights, or other problem landscape maintenance issue through an online form. 
  • Request Maintenance Service
    Report street light outages, pot holes, graffiti, traffic signal and sign or other types of city maintenance issue through and online form.
  • Report Alleged Code Violations 
    Help keep your community beautiful and valuable by reporting neighborhood nuisances such as: Unkempt front yards, suspected unpermitted construction, overgrown vegetation, inoperable vehicles not on the street, parking on unpaved surfaces, unpermitted home businesses, basketball hoops on the street or sidewalk, and graffiti on private property. 
  • Contact Solid Waste and Recycling
    We welcome comments or questions about solid waste or recycling services, simply complete the form.
  • Police Reporting
    Report lost or stolen property, vandalism, burglary, theft or telephone harassment. When you see the Livermore Police website, click Online Reporting
  • Report Traffic Problems
    Use this form to advise us of a traffic related problem. Your request will be prioritized based on the availability of our resources and other requests made to us. 
  • Sign up as a Graffiti Fighter
    Use this form to become part of task force of public volunteers to identify and abate graffiti.
  • Tree Action Application
    The City of Livermore has a Tree Preservation Ordinance that protects native tree species with a trunk circumference of 24 inches or more and non-native trees with a trunk circumference of 60 inches or more. Please visit the Maintenance website for additional information. 

Payments, Forms and Applications