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Chevron Energy Solutions Completes Smart Grid Project at Santa Rita Jail

April 4, 2012

On March 22nd, Chevron Energy Solutions and Alameda County celebrated the completion of their Smart Grid Project at the Santa Rita Jail. This first-of-its-kind project, designed and constructed by Chevron Energy Solutions, will allow the jail's power-supply to continue uninterrupted during power disturbances, which is an important safety factor for a jail that houses approximately 4,000 inmates. The smart grid project will also reduce the jail's annual energy costs by approximately $100.000. You can view more information at Chevron Energy Solutions and see a video explaining more about this projet. The design for the smart grid project is constructed of multiple parts like wind turbines, the Distributed Energy Resources Management System (DERMS), the Energy Storage System, and the CERTS.

i-GATE congratulates Alameda County Supervisors Scott Haggerty (District 1), Nate Miley (District 4), and Keith Carson (District 5), Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern, and all of the talented people who made this visionary project a reality.

Fun Fact: Inside the Energy Storage System are multiple batteries. Alameda County Santa Rita Jail is equipped with four storage systems. The battery equivalency in each storage system is equal to one million cell phone batteries. It is also equivalent to 67 electrical vehicle batteries.

( Design for the Smart Grid Project )