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January 24, 2014

The following is a overview of the latest TV30 Mayor's Report topics:

1.     Tesla Draft EIR

            Livermore City Council has agreed to review the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the proposed off-road vehicle park on the Tesla property.

            Since Tesla is owned by the Parks Department, why has the City been asked to get involved?

Ø  The City routinely reviews project proposals and environmental studies for projects in surrounding areas to evaluate whether these projects have any potential to impact the City.  We would follow the same protocol for this project.

            What is the proposal for the property and how would the project affect the City?

Ø  The State Natural Resources Agency, Department of Parks and Recreation, is preparing a plan that will describe appropriate recreational opportunities and management strategies for the existing Carnegie State Recreational Vehicular Area and the Alameda-Tesla expansion area. The 3,478-acre Alameda-Tesla expansion area is located west of the existing park. The Preferred Concept for this area includes off-highway vehicle trails for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), recreational off-highway vehicles (ROVs), four-wheel drive trucks, and motorcycles, as well as gathering areas, picnic areas, and accommodations for camping.

Ø  We don’t have a detailed plan yet from the State and so it’s too early to speculate on impacts.  But we would typically look at all aspects of a project to see whether it has the potential to negatively impact the City.

2.     Human Services  Needs

              What type of programs and services does your city provide for the following?

 The homeless:

Ø  Homeless Prevention Program – City provides funding for short term rental assistance and case management to help families stabilize their housing and financial situation.  Currently 10 families are enrolled in the program.

 Ø  Homeless Housing Bonus program –Program targets long term chronically homeless and provides them with permanent housing vouchers from HUD and intensive support services. Two persons have obtained housing since the program began in October 2013.  One person is seeking housing.  Abode Services is actively outreaching to at least 5 additional homeless persons

Ø  HOPE Van – Mobile medical and mental health assistance to chronically homeless persons.  City has partially funded this program since its inception in 1999.  In FY 2012-2013, 49 persons obtained assistance.

 Ø  Tri-Valley Haven shelter program (Sojourner House) – The City provides housing funds to TriValley Haven’s 16 bed homeless family shelter. The program provides housing and services for up to 6 months.  The Haven provided housing for 151 people in 2012-2013

 Language barriers:

Ø  The City provides services in multiple languages.  This includes story time at the Rincon Library and bilingual Counselors at Horizons Family Counseling.  In addition, all information at the Multi-Service Center is provided in at least two Languages.

Transportation issues:

Ø  The City receives a limited number of bus passes from Wheels each month and distributes them through the agencies that provide services at the Multi-Service Center.  Passes are also given to Horizon’s Family Counseling in the Police Department.

 Senior needs:

Ø  Senior Support of the Tri-Valley – City provides funding to support case management and friendly visiting program for seniors.  Thirty-nine (39) seniors were provided assistance in FY 2012-2013.

Ø  Open Heart Kitchen – City supports Open Heart Kitchen’s meal program in Livermore.  Many seniors take advantage of this free hot meal.     


3.    New Housing  (see item 5.02)

            A developer has plans to construct 465 residential, townhomes and apartments on property at Brisa Street and South Vasco Road.

            Has this project been approved or is it still in the application process?

Ø  SummerHill Homes is planning to develop the Ageno residential site with 465 residential units. The proposal is for 246 single family detached homes, 48 townhome units, and 171 apartments on the southern portion of the site nearest the ACE station.

Ø  The City Council approved the project on January 13th.

Ø  SummerHill plans to begin grading and construction this summer.


            Will the project include some low income housing to help the City meet its requirements for low income housing?

Ø  SummerHill intends to pay the in-lieu housing fee for the single family homes and townhomes, and have 26 apartments available at the very-low and low income levels. The City will utilize the in-lieu fees to develop housing for low and moderate income levels.


Ø  This infill project is one of the City’s examples of smart growth because it avoids “greenfield” development and suburban sprawl, utilizes existing infrastructure, and places higher density residential near transit facilities.



4.     Livermore Half Marathon Race

            Event producer Project Sport has selected Livermore to host its half marathon race in March.

      What are the details of this event and what will it mean for the City?

Ø  The Livermore Half Marathon will take place on March 29th from 8:00am to 10:00pm. 

Ø  Both start and finish will be in Downtown Livermore. 

Ø  There will be activities and live music following the race until mid-afternoon. 

Ø  The event is expected to draw about 3,000 participants and the potential for thousands of spectators. 

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