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Get to Know Your Water System!

Get more information about the Tri-Valley Water 101 Workshop

The City of Livermore and other Tri-Valley agencies have joined together with the common mission of providing the local businesses, associations and community organizationsof the Tri-Valley region with useful information on how to use water wisely, reduce water pollution as well as explain how water is provided to the region. Tri-Valley Water is a consortium of agencies that provide water, wastewater and recycled water services to the Livermore-Amador Valley communities.

The Tri-Valley Water 101 Workshop is an overview of how water gets to your tap, and addresses some of the challenges we face in continuing to receive quality water. We invite you to request a Tri-Valley Water 101 workshop to your upcoming monthly Board of Directors or community group meetings. For more information about Tri-Valley Water 101, visit

The Tri-Valley Water 101 Workshop covers the following topics: 

  • Where our water comes from

  • Overview of the various aqueducts, aquifers, watersheds and rivers that provide water

  • Who treats the water in different areas of Tri-Valley

  • Who distributes water to Dublin/San Ramon, Pleasanton and Livermore

  • The value of water

  • Water rates

  • Where the funds are distributed

  • Challenges we face that puts our water supply at risk

  • Changing water regulations


We have a limited number of presentations that we can provide each month. We request that you provide at least three weeks’ notice for presentations, and please note that we have limited availability outside of business hours.If you wish to request a presentation or if you have any questions regarding our water services, call (925) 960-8120 or send your request via email to