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Permits & Licenses


Can I get a Small Business loan
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Do I need a license or permit to run a business out of my house
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Do I need a permit for a new swimming pool
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Do I need a permit for a yard or garage sale?
No you do not need a permit. There are limitations to the number of days, hours and the location of signage.

Do I need a permit for flat concrete work in my backyard?
No you do not need a permit for flat concrete work in your backyard.

Do I need a permit for my business sign
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Do I need a permit to replace my windows or my front door?
Yes, both replacement of windows whether retrofit or new construction style require a permit. Replacement of glass only does not require a permit. A permit is required for the replacement of a pre-hung front door. A permit is not required if the frame of the door way will remain and a new door will be set on existing hinges. Window Replacement handout.

I am building a new house, what departments do I talk to
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I am opening a restaurant, what permits and licenses do I need
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I am opening a retail store, what business permits do I need
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I am remodeling my house what permits do I need
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I am starting a new business... what licenses do I need
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I want to become a taxi driver
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I want to film in the city who do I talk to
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I want to transfer my business to a new owner
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I would like to install/replace a fence at my home. What do I need to do?
Although permits are not required for fences up to 7 feet tall, there are required setbacks and height limitations for fences.  Typically a fence of not more than 6 feet in height is allowed to the sides and rear of a residence. Fences in the front of a home are limited to 3 feet in height. There are special considerations for corner lots, lots that back up to major streets like Portola Avenue, as well as homes in the South Livermore Valley Specific Plan (please see page 9-26). General fencing guidelines can be found here

I would like to put up a shed, patio cover, or arbor. Do I need a permit?
Sheds, patio covers or arbors over 120 square feet or attached to a building, require a permit. If the structure is under 120 square feet and detached from a building a permit is not required. Any electrical or plumbing work associated with the structure will require a permit.

Regardless of the need for a permit, the structure will need to meet the required set backs to the property line and from the house.
Accessory Structure Guidelines

Tell me about construction permits
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Tell me about Fire Safety Inspections for my business
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Where can I go for General Business Assistance
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Who can obtain a building permit?
The building owner or owner's representative with written authorization and a completed Owner Builder Declaration signed by the property owner, or a contractor licensed by the State of California to perform the work being permitted can obtain a building permit.  

Who do I call about the weeds all over a property?
To report unsightly weeds on a residential or commercial lot, please contact the City of Livermore Neighborhood Preservation Division either by completing the online Complaint Form or by calling 925-960-4444.

To report overgrown weeds on an open/vacant lot, which is considered a fire hazard, please contact the Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department - Fire Prevention Office at 925-454-2362.

Who do I contact about abandoned or inoperable vehicles?
Vehicles parked on the street are handled by the City of Livermore Police Department. To make a report to the Police Department please call 925-371-4824.

Vehicles park on private property are handled by City of Livermore Neighborhood Preservation.  To make a report to Neighborhood Preservation please call 925-960-4444 or complete the Service Request Form.