Livermore, Ca

School Resource Officer (SRO)


How are crimes on campus investigated?
When a crime is brought to the attention of the SRO or school staff, it is investigated. A large part of the investigation process involves interviewing victims, witnesses, and possible suspects. Students may be called out of class in order to accomplish this in a timely and efficient manner. In some cases, the SRO may contact a student at home.

Are Livermore schools so bad that we need to have officers on campus?
No. Livermore schools have fewer problems than many schools in other areas. Unfortunately, crimes, drug use, and other problems needing intervention do occur. Placing officers on campus was done as a proactive move to have campus policing handled by officers who regularly work closely with the staff and students. The schools are their "beat." Many police departments throughout the nation have SRO programs. The SRO's work during school hours and are expected to respond to police calls at any school in the District. They are mobile and may be at different campuses from time to time.

Do the SRO's wear uniforms and carry weapons?
Like other police officers, SRO's wear a standard police uniform and are armed. The uniform makes the officer instantly recognizable as a law enforcement officer, which is important when intervening in emergencies. Also, one of the SRO program's goals is that students become more comfortable about the presence of a regular uniformed police officer.

Do the officers have to notify the parent before they talk with a student at school?
Officers are required to notify parents only after they have arrested a juvenile. Several students may be interviewed during an investigation, and there is no requirement to notify parents each time this occurs. As a matter of routine, parents are notified when a student is involved in a serious matter or there is some other concern the parent should be aware of. School district policy is that school staff will attempt to notify parents either prior to or during an administrative interview that school staff (not the SRO) is conducting.

What should I do if I have a concern about an SRO matter?
The first step would be to call the SRO directly. Most concerns can be addressed by discussing them with the SRO responsible for the campus or who handled the case. The SRO's are very willing to address any questions or concerns parents have about a case their son or daughter is involved in. If you feel your concern needs to be addressed to the SRO supervisor, contact the SRO Sergeant at 371-4733.