Livermore, Ca

Dog License Program


Why does the City of Livermore license dogs?
The State of California requires cities to monitor rabies by having a dog licensing program. The license fees help to cover the cost of city Animal Control services. If your dog is lost, a license makes it easier to reconnect lost animals with their owners.

What do I need in order to get a dog license?
After your dog is four months old a vaccination must be obtained from a veterinarian. The rabies vaccine lasts for one year for puppies and three years for adult dogs. The veterinarian issues a rabies certificate which must be presented at the time of licensing.

What if a dog isn't licensed? Are there penalties?
Yes. When an unlicensed stray is picked up a citation is issued to the owner. The owner must pay a fine, plus the license fee to recover the animal from the pound. However, if your pet is over 4 months old and has never been licensed, you may obtain a license without penalty during any of the 4 quarterly licensing periods.

Do I need to bring my dog in to get a license?
No. Just bring in the rabies certificate, proof of spay/neuter, and a check or cash.

Can I get my dog licensed by mail?
Yes, you can register by mail. Send us the rabies and spay/neuter certificate, which we will return, and the correct fee.

What about lost dogs?
If your dog is licensed and becomes a "lost dog", animal control may receive a call from someone who has found the dog, then will identify it by the tag number. Animal Control also keeps a list of dog licenses and uses it when strays are found.