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State law requires all dogs over the age of 4 months to be licensed in the area that they live. If a dog is lost or injured this identification makes it possible to contact the dog's owner. Contact the Livermore City Hall Finance Department to obtain a license. Be ready to provide them with current rabies vaccine information from a licensed veterinarian and documentation verifying that your dog has been spayed or neutered. Licenses are only valid through the rabies expiration date therefore, if the rabies vaccination has expired or will expire in the next two months a new rabies vaccine needs to be administered before a dog license can be issued. Please call (925) 960-4315 or E-mail for further information.

An Animal Fancier Permit is required for ownership of over six household pets (only three of which can be dogs) or any live stock or exotic animals such as: pot belly pigs, honeybees, chickens, geese, and reptiles over six feet in length. Click on this link to view the Animal Fancier Rules and Regulations.

Click here to download a Dog License Application.

Click here to download an Animal Fancier Permit.

Click here to download a Senior Citizen Discount Application.

City of Livermore Fee Schedule

Effective January 1, 2021

Dog licenses are only valid for the duration of a rabies vaccine. See dog license fee schedule below. If you are unsure of the fee to register your pet please contact our office.

One year license, spayed/neutered $15.00
One year license, non-spayed/neutered $55.00
Three year license, spayed/neutered $30.00
Three year license, non-spayed/neutered $78.00
Animal Fancier Permit (Renewed Annually) $100.00

Livermore Renewal Periods

Quarter Ending Delinquent On
March 31st May 1st
June 30th August 1st
September 30th November 1st
December 31st February 1st

All delinquent payments require a $15.00 penalty!

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