Special Events Permits

On or within the public right-of-way or other publicly owned property:

Livermore has many special event venues for concerts, races, festivals, and parades. Venue locations include our historic downtown, our walking/bicycle trails, parks and scenic countryside. A Special Event Permit shall be obtained before conducting athletic events, parades, and public assemblies which occur on or within the public right-of-way or other publicly owned property, in compliance with LMC Section 12.45.120 (Permit required).

Special Event Permit Application Information Packet

Special Event Permit Application

Special Event Electrical Request

Temporary Use Permits

On or within Commercial or Industrial private property:

Short term activities or temporary uses are allowed on private property, subject to the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit, and only when conducted in compliance with Section 9.09.090.
Entertainment events: Amusement rides, arts and crafts exhibits, auctions, carnivals,circuses, concerts, fairs, festivals, flea markets, food events, outdoor entertainment/sporting events, and other similar events as determined by the Director for a period not to exceed 10 days twice per year, separated by at least 30 days between uses. These events shall be conducted at least 200 feet away from any residence.

Temporary Use Packet

Block Party Permits

A closed off area within a residential neighborhood:

This permit allows a group of neighbors to block of a section of the street in their neighborhood to have a party.  The application requires an approval signature from all residents within the block party area.

Block Party