Zonehaven & AC Alert

Zonehaven & AC Alert

A new Emegency Management tool is now available for Alameda County.

What is ZoneHaven?

Zonehaven equips first responders and agencies with evacuation management tools to plan, train for, and execute live emergency solutions. It also provides communities with critical evacuation updates and resources. Zonehaven is integrated with our emergency notification systems in Livermore and Pleasanton. 

Residents are encouraged to go on the community site, Zonehaven Aware ( to find the zone you live in.  From there you can also sign up for AC Alert ( the county alert system.  

When an emergency strikes, knowing your zone is important.  Its how you will know if you are in an impacted area that must evacuate and where you should go.  

What is AC Alert?

AC Alert is a Mass Notification System used by City and County agencies throughout Alameda County to rapidly disseminate emergency alerts to people who live, work in, or visit our County.  AC Alert is capable of sending alerts by voice, text and email, as well as messaging Nixle subscribers, posting to social media pages and sending FEMA Wireless Alerts (WEA).

The Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department strongly encourage all who live, work in, or frequently visit Alameda County, to opt-in to the AC Alert system.  When your register with AC Alert you can provide multiple methods of contact, including your cell, home & work phones, and email addresses.  

To make sure we can reach you in an emergency, when you need to take protective actions, register with AC Alert and click on the button below.             

 AC Alert