Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act

Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act

The purpose of the Aboveground Petroleum Storage Act (APSA) is to protect creeks, rivers, lakes and other waters of the state from releases of petroleum products.

The program applies to facilities that meet one or both the following criteria:

  • have on-site at any one time, in aboveground containers 1,320 gallons or more of petroleum products in containers 55 gallons or larger in size.
  • have one or more stationary tank(s) of petroleum products in below ground area, regardless of the size of the tank or the total quantity of petroleum on-site.

APSA facilities now must submit APSA specific information in CERS.  Click here for detailed information about this requirement.

Facilities subject to APSA must prepare and implement a Spill Control and Countermeasure Plan.  This plan describes the measures being taken by the facility to prevent a spill and to respond to spills that do occur.