Library Account Notices by Text

Library Account Notices by Text


Stay up-to-date on all your Library account activity! Sign up for this free* service and receive updates on items on hold for you that are ready to be picked up, overdue notices, and courtesy notices for items that will be due soon. You can even send a text message to renew your items. Sign up by texting the message SIGNUP to (925) 800-6053. The service will contact you back with further instructions to send your library card. It’s that easy!

NOTE: At this time, notifications for items requested from other libraries through the LINK+ system are not included in ShoutBomb text messaging. You will still need to check your library record online for these items or use email notification.

Basic Mobile Commands

Text these commands to (925) 800-6053 for updates on your Library account, or to turn certain features on or off. You should receive a response within 60 seconds.

Registers for text messaging service.

Tests your connection.

Toggles 2-day due date warnings on or off. Default setting is on.

Toggles overdue notices on or off. Default setting is on.

Toggles hold notices on or off. Default setting is on.              

Toggles notification of when fees have been added to your account on or off. Default setting is on.

Resends last message from ShoutBomb.

Cancels text messaging service.

Requests help.

Advanced Mobile Commands

Registers an additional library card for text messages to your phone.

Cancels text messaging service for one library card number.

Shows current status of all Opt In/Opt Out notices.

Texting ISBN + a 10- or 13-digit ISBN number searches library catalog. Useful if you are in a bookstore and want to check library holdings. NOTE: It is not necessary to sign up in order to check an ISBN.

To change the phone number associated with your text message alerts, use the new phone and text SWITCHPHONE to (925) 800-6053, and follow the directions you receive. You may only have one phone number associated with each library card number.

FAQs and Troubleshooting

Android Phones:
    Open up Messaging and select Compose New Message.
    Enter (925) 800-6053 as the recipient.
     Enter SIGNUP as the message text.
    Save (925) 800-6053 as the contact.

Apple iPhone:
    Open the Messages app.
    Tap the Compose icon in the upper right corner that looks like a pencil and paper.
    Enter (925) 800-6053 into the "To:" field.
    In the Text Message field, type the word SIGNUP then tap Send.
    Shoutbomb should reply with request for Livermore Public Library barcode.
    Add (925) 800-6053 to your Address Book.

    Click on Messages.
    Press the BlackBerry button and select Compose SMS Text.
    Select [Use Once]. When it asks “Which Type of Address?” choose Email.
    Enter (925) 800-6053 as the email address. Send the message SIGNUP.
    Add (925) 800-6053 to your Address Book.

  • What do I need to use the Shoutbomb service?

A text messaging-capable phone is required.

Subscription to text messaging (Confirm with your cell phone service plan).

Cell phone must be able to send a text message to an email address.

  • How do I know if my phone works with the Shoutbomb service?

Send a text message with only the keyword TEST to (925) 800-6053. You should receive a short message “Test Successful”. This message indicates that your phone will work with the Shoutbomb service.

If you receive a reply telling you that we could not understand your message, this typically means you sent a keyword in the wrong format. For example, SIGNUP is correct while SIGN UP is not. Keywords must be one word only – no spaces or punctuation. 

  • What do I do if I do not get a reply from the Shoutbomb services?

The Shoutbomb service processes all request within 60 seconds of receiving your message.

We cannot guarantee timely delivery of messages once they have been sent. Your provider is responsible for delivering your message once you send it. Most providers deliver the messages promptly.

1. Wait and see if the reply arrives.

2. If after 4 hours you still have not received a reply, and send the keyword RESEND to (925) 800-6053.

3. You can only use the RESEND command once per day. This limitation is in place to protect from spam messages. If you do not receive a reply after 3 attempts over three days, submit a service request detailing your issue. Please include the make and model of your phone.

  • Can I manage multiple library cards from a single phone?

You can manage your entire family's library cards from a single phone. When you receive notices from Shoutbomb they will contain information for all the library cards linked to your phone.

*Please note: Text message notifications are provided by Shoutbomb, LLC. This is a free service from the library; however, you may incur per-message charges depending on your wireless plan. Please contact your wireless provider for more details.

The Shoutbomb service processes all request within 60 seconds of receiving your message.