Request Materials Through LINK+

Request Materials Through LINK+

Items that are either not found in the library catalog, or that are currently checked out, can be requested through other libraries using the LINK+ service. LINK+  is a consortium which establishes its own rules:

  • LINK+ replacement fee for lost items: up to $115 per item.
  • Loan Period: 21 days for books and some media.
  • Loan Period: 7 days for selected media.
  • Pick-up notices are sent by email or regular mail, depending on if your home Library has your email address.
  • Item availability is determined by the owning institution.

How to Request a LINK+ Item:

From the Livermore Public Library Catalog:

  • Search the catalog for the material you want.
  • "No Matches Found" appears at the top of the search results screen.
  • Click on the LINK+ button on the right side of the search results screen.
  • LINK+ results page appears
    • If "no matches found" contact the Information Desk for interlibrary loan
    • If title is found
      1. Click the "Request this item" link
        1. "With which institution are you affiliated?" display appears. 
        2. Use the drop down menu to select "Livermore Public"
          1. Click the "Submit above information" bar
          2. Enter your Livermore Public Library card information
          3. Choose the pickup location in Livermore and click "Submit"
        3. "Your request was successful" message appears
      2. " # libraries have this item" link lists which institution has the item.
        1. LINK+  automatically selects lending library
        2. Use this if you want to go directly to the other library on your own.

Search the LINK+ catalog directly: