Books and Reading

Books and Reading

Book Suggestions

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eBooks and eAudiobooks

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Suggested Preschool and Picture Books

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 Dragons Fairies 
 Family's New Baby  Nightmares Tamed
 Princesses  Things That Go
 Science Materials  S.T.E.M.



Suggested Picture Books and Preschool/Elementary-Age Books

Books About Racism and Justice    NEW

LGBTQIA-Related Books    NEW


Suggested Elementary-Age Books

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Suggested list of Science Materials (includes science experiment books and related Library of Things items).

Suggested books by grade level:

1st Grade Books 1st Grade Books in Spanish
1st Grade Books v.2  
2nd Grade Books 2nd Grade Books in Spanish
2nd Grade Books v.2  
3rd Grade Books 3rd Grade Books in Spanish
3rd Grade Books v.2  
4th Grade Books 4th Grade Books in Spanish
4th Grade Books v.2  
5th Grade Books 5th Grade Books in Spanish
5th Grade Books v.2