Animal Control

Animal Control

  Livermore Police Department
1110 South Livermore Ave
Livermore, CA 94550
Operating hours:
Mon-Sat 7:00 am - 4:00 pm

Our Mission is to educate and provide courteous assistance to the public and to provide comfort, kindness and compassion to animals in our care. One of the most common things we hear is “I could never do your job, I love animals too much”. We too love animals, so much so that we choose to work in a field where we believe we can make a difference. There are times when our job is very challenging and tests our emotions. But, simply helping an animal receive emergency assistance or reuniting someone with his or her lost pet makes it all worthwhile

What to do if you see a dog in a hot car

It is not illegal to travel with your dog in the car, however, when the weather gets warmer, it can be deadly. High temperatures can cause irreparable organ damage and even death. Protecting animals from an unnecessary death is a problem we can all agree to prevent.

How to help a pet left in a hot car

 Take down the car's make, model and license plate number.

 If there are businesses nearby, notify their managers or security guards and ask them to make an announcement to find the car's owner. Many people are unaware of the danger of leaving pets in hot cars and will quickly return to their vehicle once they are alerted to the situation.

 If the owner can't be found, call the Livermore Police Department at (925) 371-4987 and wait by the car for them to arrive.

Cool outside doesn't mean cool in the car

Download and Share the Humane Society Hot Car Flyer [PDF]



It doesn't have to be that warm outside for a car to become dangerously hot inside.

• When it's 72 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 116 degrees Fahrenheit within an hour.

•  When it's 80 degrees Fahrenheit outside, the temperature inside your car can heat up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit within 10 minutes.

•  Rolling down the windows has been shown to have little effect on the temperature inside a car.

 Our goal is to not have any unwanted animals. We need you to help us. You can do this by spaying and neutering your pets, providing  your pet with a proper collar and identification and by providing a home for your pet where it will not roam the streets. With your help this goal can be achieved.
 Click here for low the low cost spay and neuter clinic and the free "Pit Fix".

(watch the following video to see how it might feel to be a dog locked in a hot car.)

Animal Control enforces City of Livermore Animal Ordinances regarding pets and other animals. Please look under Title 6 - Animals

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