Leash Laws

Leash Laws

officer holmes walking bassett houndThe Leash Law was Amended at the end of 2017:

The Livermore Leash Law Ordinance requires all dogs to be on a handheld six foot leash at all times. Also, dogs may not be tied and left unattended on public property. A dog may be secured by a retractable leash; however, the leash may not exceed six feet when in the presence of other people.

Besides being the law, this ordinance is a common sense practice to avoid injury, illness, or loss of your dog.

 The exception is in designated dog run areas that are posted for such use.

The City of Livermore currently has 5 fully fenced off-leash dog parks for public use. View Dog Park locations.

Dogs roaming free or left unattended on public property are in violation of the leash law ordinance and are subject to impoundment by Livermore Police Department Animal Control. The Owners of dogs running free may receive a citation and/or a fine.

To report a dog running loose or for more information about the leash law ordinance, please call the Livermore Police Department Animal Control at 371-4987 or you can read the new ordinance in its entirety at:

City of Livermore Leash Law