Violation of Custody Orders

Violation of Custody Orders

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Violation of Court Orders

Custody Order violations  in which one party of the court order requests the violation to be documented without pursuing any criminal action can be documented through an online reporting system.  These types of circumstances may include:

  1. During a child exchange, one party is late to the exchange location
  2. Other circumstances which may arise that are outside the control of the parties involved in the court order
  3. Third party who is not listed in the order arrives to pick up the child

Jurisdiction of custody violations can be confusing (even for law enforcement). Generally, primary jurisdiction for custody violations is where the deprived parent lives, or where the child is found (California Penal Code 784.5). Jurisdiction is not at an intermediate exchange point in another city where the child never arrives. This means, if you have been deprived of custody, the law enforcement agency at your place of residence is responsible for taking your report if there is a violation.  

A violation of a harassment or protective order is a criminal act and should be reported to the police department and not through an online reporting system. Otherwise, if you only need to file a violation of a court order and the violation meets the following criteria, you can document through this online reporting system. These types of circumstances may include:

  1. The violation is not occurring at the time of this report
  2. The report is for informational purposes only to document the incident
  3. No injuries or threats were made in conjunction with the incident
  4. Two parties inadvertently arrive at the same location causing one individual to be in a perceived violation of the court order
  5. Late or failed child visitation exchanges where there is no danger of child abduction or abuse. 

With this online reporting system, you will be able to file a police report and print a copy of the report for free. 

If the violation of court order does not fit the above criteria, call the Livermore Police Dispatch Center at 925-371-4987 and request an officer respond for a report.

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