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Noise Complaints

If you are considering purchasing a home or a business in areas where you can view or hear aircraft, you may find the Livermore Municipal Airport: An Overview brochure helpful.

There are two ways in which complaints about aircraft noise can be registered.

By Phone

The Livermore Municipal Airport has a dedicated noise complaint line. Anyone wishing to register a noise complaint may call: (925) 960-8219

Residents may leave a message with the following information: the resident's name (required), address (required), and phone number; date and time of the event; type of aircraft involved (color, number of engines and other distinguishing aircraft features), and whether a return call from staff is desired.

The more noise event information that can be provided; the faster staff will be able to research and identify the aircraft that may have caused the complaint. Following the complaint investigation, staff will determine what action is needed. This may include referral to the Federal Aviation Administration. The City maintains records of noise complaints. These public documents are available upon written request to the Livermore Municipal Airport or the City Clerk's office. The City will not release any identifying information about persons who file complaints.


If you wish to file a noise complaint online, please follow the instructions and fill the form in below. Receipt of your complaint will be confirmed....  

Noise Abatement

Click for information regarding the Voluntary Restraint from Night Flying policy and other Noise Abatement information.