Distance-Learning Resources for Educators

Distance-Learning Resources for Educators

The City of Livermore Water Resources Division is committed to teaching students about the importance of our water resources - even while we are distance learning! Below are educational materials and lesson plans that are available to download. Printed versions of these materials and fun student prizes can be requested through our online Teaching Materials Request Form.

BONUS! If you teach at a school located within our water service area (Acton Academy East Bay, Altamont Creek Elementary, Arroyo Seco Elementary, Croce Elementary, and Christensen Middle School) we also have a wide variety of free water conservation teaching materials that you can order using the same online Teaching Materials Request Form.

If you have any questions about our educational resources, contact Communications Representative Natalie Croak at (925) 960-8144 or nlcroak@cityoflivermore.net.


Stormwater & Pollution Prevention

 Activity Sheets & Booklets
Clean Water Activity Book (Grades K - 3rd)
Fred & Izzy Coloring Page (Grades K - 3rd)
I Am Ready: Flood Preparedness Activity Book (Grades K - 2nd)
Pest or Pal Activity Book (Grades 2nd - 5th)
Clean Water Activity Book (Grades 4th - 6th)
Fred's Frog-tastic Activity Pack (Elementary)
The Bee-At-Home Activity Pack (Elementary)

Videos (Grades K - 5th)
Adventures in the Watershed
Clean Water Program YouTube Channel
Protect our Stormwater English / Spanish
All the Way to the Ocean

Interactive (Grades 4th - 8th)
Alameda County Watersheds on Google Earth
Don't Flood the Fidgets Game

Where Our Water Comes From

Drinking Water Supply Maps (Grades 4+)
Water in the Tri-Valley Map (Color)
Water in the Tri-Valley Map Coloring Page (B&W)
California Waterways Poster 
California Waterways Worksheet 
California's Amazing Delta
The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Fact Sheet

Aerial Tour of the California State Water Project (All Grades)

Activity Sheets & Booklets
Pipe Up! Delivering Safe & Clean Water is a Big Deal! (Grades 3+)
Water Operators - Delivering Safe Water Every Day Activity Book (Grades 3+)
Thank you Water/Wastewater Workers! (Pre-K - 5th)
The California Water Works (Grades 4+)

Water Conservation

Activity Sheets & Booklets
Water Conservation Pledge (PreK - 3rd)
Water is Worth it (PreK - 3rd)

How Much Water is in a Hamburger? 
English / Spanish  (Grades 3+) 
Parent/Student Water Conservation Checklist (Grades 4+)

Interactive & Videos
Water Conservation Coloring Book & Virtual Home Tour (Grades K - 5th)
Water We Do! It's Up to Me & You (Grades K - 3rd)

Lesson Plans
A Day in the Life of a Drop (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Teacher's Guide
Student Worksheet #1
Student Worksheet #2
Water Use Table
Student & Family Pledge

Fix a Leak Week (Grades 3rd - 5th)
Teacher's Guide
Student Worksheet
Family Fact Sheet English / Spanish
Activity Sheet English / Spanish

Water Footprints (All Grades)
Teacher Resources

The Water Cycle

Activity Sheets & Booklets

Water & Me (PreK - 1st)
Water Cycle Coloring Sheet English / Spanish  (PreK - 3rd)

Project Wet Vimeo Channel (All Grades)
Water Cycle Song (Grades 1st - 5th)



Digital Tour of the Livermore Water Reclamation Plant (Grades 3+)
How Wastewater is Treated & Disposed of in Livermore (High School)
Following the Flow: A Look inside Wastewater Treatment (High School)
Career Paths in the Water & Wastewater Industry (High School)